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Veryday logotype evolution

The evolution of the Veryday logo

Veryday logotype

The Veryday logotype

Veryday color themes

The different color themes of Veryday

Veryday typeface

The Veryday typeface

Veryday digital design

Part of the Veryday website

Veryday infographic

Veryday infographics

Veryday print design

Part of the Veryday book

Veryday pattern

The Veryday pattern

Case info

Veryday visual identity

Client: Veryday
Type: Brand design
Role: Art direction & design

Info: Corporate visual identity development for Veryday, one of the world's top-ranking design and innovation agencies. Veryday was established in 1969 and previously known as Ergonomidesign.

The objective was to create a playful, simple and modular visual identity enabling the company to remain relevant despite target audience and context. Another important objective was to stay true to the heritage and the people-centered values of Veryday, but also express the company's future aims.

As part of the name change process, the visual identity project included concept development, logo design and implementation in various communication channels, both digital and printed.

Credits: Henrik Olsson for sketching skills.

Propellerhead Software <br>brand design

Propellerhead Software
brand design

Logo designs for Swedish company Propellerhead Software, creators of some of the world's most innovative music software applications and technology standards.

Propellerhead Software <br>user interface

Propellerhead Software
user interface

User interface design for the ReGroove Mixer and the Transport Bar of the virtual studio rack Reason from Propellerhead Software.