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Veryday web start page

Veryday mobile website / Start page

Veryday web service areas

Veryday mobile website / Service areas

Veryday web news item

Veryday mobile website / News page

Veryday web case page

Veryday mobile website / Case page

Veryday mobile web

Veryday mobile website / Start page

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Veryday mobile website

Client: Veryday
Type: Digital design
Role: Art direction, usability design and visual design

Info: Art direction, usability design and visual design for the mobile website of Veryday, one of the world's top-ranking design and innovation consultancies, designing products and services since 1969.

As one of the most important communication channels for Veryday, much effort was put on the mobile presence. The objective was to create a website optimized exclusively for mobile devices but packed with news, knowledge and information, yet user-friendly, legible, easy to share and - of course - good-looking. The website is built with HTML5 and CSS3 and completely optimized for high resolution Retina displays. The design is also adaptive and features hyphenation for that extra legibility and charming good looks.

The site was awarded "Mobile of the day" by the Favourite Website Awards 30th April 2013.

Credits: Excellent web development by StickyBeat.

Magasin Hemsedal

Magasin Hemsedal

Art direction and graphic design for Magasin Hemsedal, a 76-page guide to Norway's most popular ski resort Hemsedal.

Propellerhead Software brand design

Propellerhead Software brand design

Logo designs for Swedish company Propellerhead Software, creators of some of the world's most innovative music software applications and technology standards.

Extrem product catalog

Extrem product catalog

Art direction and design for a product catalog from Extrem, Swedish snowboard and ski manufacturer.