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Upplevelseakademin<br>visual identity

visual identity

Complete visual identity for Upplevelseakademin, a joint venture between SLAO, SHR and SCR.

Karolinska Institutet<br>web design

Karolinska Institutet
web design

Web design draft for Karolinska Institutet, one of the world´s leading medical universities.

Norr Magazine

Norr Magazine

Graphic design for Norr Magazine, an outdoor magazine about Scandinavia for the German speaking market.

Hestra Gloves start page

The Hestra Gloves web site / Start page winter

Hestra Gloves start page 2

The Hestra Gloves web site / Start page summer

Hestra Gloves main menu

The Hestra Gloves web site / The main menu at work

Hestra Gloves product page

The Hestra Gloves web site / Product page

Hestra Gloves rider page

The Hestra Gloves web site / Rider page

Case info

Hestra Gloves

Client: Hestra Gloves/EBDC
Type: Digital design
Role: Graphic design

Info: Web and usability design for Hestra Gloves, one of the leading international glove brands in skiing, outdoor recreation and leisure. The objective was to create and design a site that was easy to navigate despite the very large number of products shown on the site, yet lively and informative and not least reflective of Hestra's Scandinavian heritage. The site was designed on behalf of agency EBDC.

Credits: Excellent Flash implementation by EBDC.

Magasin Hemsedal

Magasin Hemsedal

Art direction and graphic design for Magasin Hemsedal, a 76-page guide to Norway's most popular ski resort Hemsedal.

Propellerhead Software brand design

Propellerhead Software brand design

Logo designs for Swedish company Propellerhead Software, creators of some of the world's most innovative music software applications and technology standards.

Extrem product catalog

Extrem product catalog

Art direction and design for a product catalog from Extrem, Swedish snowboard and ski manufacturer.