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The Cardigans Best of cover

The Cardigans Best of / Sleeve cover

The Cardigans Best of inlay card

The Cardigans Best of / Sleeve back

The Cardigans Best of booklet page

The Cardigans Best of / Part of booklet

The Cardigans Best of disc label

The Cardigans Best of / Label

The Cardigans single sleeve

The Cardigans Erase/Rewind single sleeve

The Cardigans Best of poster

The Cardigans Best of / Poster

Case info

The Cardigans Best Of

Client: Universal Music
Type: Packaging design
Role: Art direction & design

Info: Art direction and graphic design for the Best Of album by Swedish platinum selling band The Cardigans. The idea was to create a design that resembles a home burned mix CD made by an ever so devoted fan. The design concept included two versions of the album, a single, poster, website design and advertising.

Credits: Nice ball-pen illustrations by Vejde Gustavsson at EBDC.

Propellerhead Software brand design

Propellerhead Software brand design

Logo designs for Swedish company Propellerhead Software, creators of some of the world's most innovative music software applications and technology standards.

User interface design

User interface design

User interface design for the ReGroove Mixer and the Transport Bar of the virtual studio rack Reason from Propellerhead Software.

Extrem product catalog

Extrem product catalog

Art direction and design for a product catalog from Extrem, Swedish snowboard and ski manufacturer.