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Roots Rock Rågsved

Root Rock Rågsved

Helsinki Sauna System

Helsinki Sauna System. Pump it full watts tonight!

Enter the Wagon

Enter the Wagon. A tribute to the finest automobile ever built: the mighty Volvo 245!

Tomte Far-I

Tomte Far-I. A tribute to Jacob Miller and Christmas in general.

Jah Mazdafari

Jah Mazdafari. Hideous car sent from above.

Stockholm Records International

T-shirt designed for Stockholm Records International.

Case info

T-shirt design

Client: Various / Self promotion
Type: Various projects
Role: Art direction & design

Info: A selection of T-shirts designed just for the fun of it. Most were previously for sale but are now completely sold out. The Stockholm Records International T-shirt was designed on behalf of that very same record label.

Credits: Andreas Birath for that fine sauna illustration. Joel Uhr for that crazy mind.

Magasin Hemsedal

Magasin Hemsedal

Art direction and graphic design for Magasin Hemsedal, a 76-page guide to Norway's most popular ski resort Hemsedal.

Nassim Al Fakir album sleeve design

Nassim Al Fakir album sleeve design

Art direction and graphic design for the album Ute och cyklar by jack of all trades Nassim Al Fakir.

Extrem product catalog

Extrem product catalog

A selection of web designs created on behalf of various clients.